Eventim Ticketcheck!

fanSALE utilises Eventim Ticketcheck to verify all tickets listed are genuine – the only resale platform to do so.

Which tickets can be verified?

All tickets originally sold via Eventim UK can be verified using Eventim Ticketcheck – whether you bought tickets online or over the phone. 

You’ll be able to spot Eventim tickets from the watermark and CTSEventim.AG hologram, both visible on the front of tickets. 

If your tickets are printed on other ticket stock but you purchased them from Eventim UK, simply drop our customer service team a message and they’ll help verify your tickets.

How are tickets checked?

When creating a listing on fanSALE, the seller will be prompted to enter the unique barcode number(s) printed on their tickets. Using the barcode(s), the system will perform checks to verify the tickets as genuine and valid. 

Once verified, the ticket information (event name, date, venue and seat details) will be added to the listing automatically.

What happens after tickets are purchased?

Once tickets listed on fanSALE are purchased, the ticket barcode number(s) will be shown to the buyer – this allows them to check that the tickets sent by the seller are correct, as shown in the listing. 

If the numbers don’t match, the buyer can flag this within 48 hours of receiving the tickets. This pauses the payment being sent to the seller, while the issue is resolved. Our customer service team can assist with resolving any issues between the buyer and seller if needed.

What does fanSALE guarantee?

Using Eventim Ticketcheck, along with secure door-to-door delivery, fanSALE is one of the most secure places to list and purchase resale tickets at a fair price.

It's fast

  • List your tickets within a matter of minutes. 
  • Tickets are shipped from the buyer to the seller within five days.

It's secure

fanSALE utilises Eventim Ticketcheck, as well as taking a number of measures to ensure the process of buying and selling tickets is secure.

  • All tickets listed on fanSALE are verified using Eventim UK’s ticketing system, using the unique barcode on every ticket. So no nasty surprises or ticket scams! 
  • The shipping process is completely transparent – tickets are picked up directly from the seller and can be tracked right up until they reach the buyer. 
  • Money only changes hands once the buyer has received their tickets.

It's fair!

Ticket prices are capped, so that they can’t be sold above the original Eventim UK purchase price. You’ll spot the Fair Deal symbol on all fanSALE listings.

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