Seller FAQs

Listing your tickets on fanSALE or have a question about selling your tickets with us? Check out our FAQs below:

    Your fanSALE account

      How do I create a fanSALE account?
      If you have an existing Eventim UK account, you can login using the same email address and password. If not, it’s easy to set up – simply click ‘I don’t have an account’ and complete the registration form.

      If creating a new account, we’ll send you a confirmation email – just click the link to activate your account.

      Please make sure you’re familiar with the fanSALE terms and conditions of use when setting up your account.
      Does it cost anything to create a fanSALE account?

      Not at all – it’s totally free to set up and list your tickets! You’ll only be charged if you place an order through fanSALE. If you successfully sell your listed tickets, a small booking fee will be charged to the purchaser. 

      I created a new account but didn’t receive a confirmation email – what can I do?
      Occasionally our confirmation email might end up in your spam / junk folder, so make sure to check this if you haven’t seen anything from us! It may also be worth adding to your safe sender list.

      If you still don’t see anything, please give us a shout here.
      I’m not based in the UK – can I register for a fanSALE account?
      Unfortunately not – you need to be resident in the UK in order to register.
      Can I register for an account if I’m under 18?
      To register for an account you’ll need to be 18 or over.
      How can I change the email address my fanSALE account is registered with?
      To change your email address, please give us a shout here.
      How can I change any other details on my fanSALE account?
      Simple – when logged in, hover over the ‘My fanSALE’ button at the top right of the screen and then click ‘My Data’ from the dropdown menu. Here you can update details such as delivery address and phone number – just remember to hit the save button! 
      How do I delete my fanSALE account?
      Please drop us a message here, making sure to let us know your email address and that you’d like to delete your account.

      Listing your tickets

        How do I offer my tickets for sale on fanSALE?

        Click on the Sell button at the top of the fanSALE site and follow the instructions to list your tickets.

        Please note:

        • You’ll need a fanSALE or Eventim UK account in order to create a listing
        • You’ll need a UK IBAN number and UK address to create a listing – fanSALE is currently only available within the UK
        • Your listing will expire 5 days prior to the event your tickets are for, to allow sufficient time for UPS to collect and deliver the tickets if sold
        • Listing tickets on fanSALE does not guarantee that they will be sold

        Does it cost anything to list my tickets on fanSALE?

        No – listing tickets on fanSALE is free of charge.

        Can I list tickets for sale that I purchased via any ticket agent?

        Currently, you can only list tickets originally purchased via

        Can I list tickets for sale that are to be collected at the venue box office?

        Unfortunately not – venues usually require the original ticket purchaser to be in attendance with a valid photo ID in order to collect tickets from the box office, so it’s not possible to list these on fanSALE. 

        Can I list TicketDirect (print at home) tickets for sale?

        Yes – but you’ll need to print these out and dispatch them to the buyer if sold.

        I want to list my tickets for sale but haven’t received them yet, so don’t have the barcodes – what can I do?

        Provided that it’s possible to sell your tickets on fanSALE, we can let you know the barcodes before the tickets arrive with you – just drop us a message here.

        I want to list seated tickets but they’re not located next to each other – is this ok?

        It’s fine to list non-adjacent tickets on fanSALE. Seat information will automatically be pulled into your listing when you enter the ticket barcodes, but please make sure to add a note in your listing description – just to make it clear to any potential buyers that the seats aren’t together.

        Do all tickets in my listing have to be sold to the same buyer?

        No – your tickets can be sold individually, if you choose to allow this.

        When creating a listing:

        • Choosing the Total option means your tickets must all be sold together
        • Selecting the Single option means your tickets can be sold individually to different buyers
        • Choosing the Pair option allows tickets to be sold in multiples of two to different buyers

        How do I determine prices for my tickets?

        The price of tickets sold via fanSALE is capped at the total price you originally paid for them via

        How are my tickets verified?

        Each ticket purchased through Eventim UK has a unique barcode. You’ll need to enter this when listing your tickets – eventim.ticketcheck then verifies the barcodes against the Eventim UK system and automatically pulls the event and seat information (if seated) into your listing.

        Once verified, you’ll spot a green tick icon on your listing – this lets potential buyers know that the tickets are fully legitimate and that they’re protected by our guarantee of authenticity.

        My ticket barcodes aren’t being accepted – what can I do?

        If you didn’t purchase your tickets from Eventim UK originally, it won’t be possible to list your tickets as the barcodes can’t be verified against the Eventim UK system.

        If your tickets are for an event with a named ticket policy in place, set by the promoter, then it’s not possible to resell these – so the barcodes won’t be accepted.

        If you have received promoter stock (i.e. non-Eventim branded) tickets but ordered them via Eventim UK – or if you are having any issues entering your barcodes – please contact us here.

        Can I change the price of the tickets in my listing?

        Once your listing is live, it’s only possible to amend the price of the tickets if they remain unsold – simply select Offers from the My fanSALE dropdown menu and edit your listing.

        If tickets in your listing are partially sold (i.e. you’ve sold two of four tickets listed), you can amend the price for the unsold tickets.

        I no longer want to sell the tickets I have listed. What can I do?

        If your tickets are unsold, you can remove the listing. If your tickets have sold, you are contractually obliged to fulfil the order and must ensure they are delivered to the buyer. Failure to do so will result in your suspension from using fanSALE in the future.

        The tickets I offered for sale have been lost or stolen – what can I do?

        If your tickets have sold on fanSALE and are lost or stolen – meaning you cannot fulfil an order – please contact us urgently here.

        If your tickets are unsold on fanSALE and are lost or stolen, please remove your listing.

        Payment & commission

          Is there a commission if my tickets are sold on fanSALE?

          We charge a commission of 10% for tickets sold via fanSALE in the form of a booking fee. This is covered by the purchaser. 

          When will I receive payment for the tickets I’ve sold?

          From the date the buyer receives their tickets via UPS, there’s a two-day window to allow for any discrepancies to be reported. If this passes with no discrepancies flagged, the payment process is then automatically triggered and we will transfer the purchase price – minus the 10% sales commission.

          Once triggered, payment can take 5-7 working days to be credited into your account, depending on your bank.

          Why do I need to provide an IBAN when my card details are already saved in my account?

          Your IBAN provides the correct details to make payment into your account, whereas we can’t send you a payment using your card details. 

          Dispatching tickets

            What should I do once my tickets have been sold?

            Once sold, we’ll send you an email with further instructions on how to dispatch the tickets to the buyer via UPS. This will need to be done within 3 working days of the tickets being sold.

            If you’re unable to dispatch the tickets within 3 working days, please let us know here.

            I missed UPS collection, or the driver didn’t collect my tickets during my chosen time slot – what should I do? 

            If UPS haven’t collected your tickets – whether on your part or if the driver didn’t turn up – you’ll need to drop the tickets at your local UPS drop point. You can find your nearest drop point here.

            Why do I have to dispatch tickets with UPS?

            UPS delivery is fully integrated with fanSALE, allowing you to keep tabs on ticket dispatch, from collection to delivery. Using UPS also allows the payment process to be automated, meaning you (the seller) will receive your payment faster.

            The cost of UPS delivery is covered by the buyer; the seller is not charged to dispatch tickets.

            The tickets I’ve sold are TicketDirect (print at home) – can I email these to the buyer?

            No – if you email them to the buyer directly, we have no way of tracking whether the tickets have been delivered, which in turn could cause the payment process to be seriously delayed.

            You’ll need to print the tickets out and dispatch them to the buyer via UPS, as per the instructions we email you.

            Other questions

              What should I do if an event is cancelled?

              As the original ticket purchaser, you will receive a refund for the tickets in the case that an event is cancelled. It is then your responsibility to transfer this across to the buyer of the tickets.

              If in doubt, please contact the seller via fanSALE.

              How can I change my fanSALE newsletter subscription settings?

              Simply click My Data from the my fanSALE dropdown menu when logged in. You’ll then be able to update your newsletter preferences. 

              What should I do if an event is cancelled?
              Please contact us online by filling out our contact form here.
              How safe is my data with fanSALE?

              We encrypt both personal data and payment information during transmission from your computer to our server. When making a card payment, data is only sent to your bank in a highly encrypted form.

              Encryption is not shown by most browsers, as the active encrypted area is located in a so-called frame. By right-clicking the mouse on the encrypted pages and then selecting “Properties”, you can view the SSL certificate.

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