Data-protection declaration

1. Essentially, the user can visit the fanSALE offer without leaving any personal data. However, to use all the functionalities of fanSALE, the user first has to register. To do this, they must provide a name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and, as a seller, their bank details, and as a buyer, their credit card details. The e-mail address provided by the user is also their user name for using fanSALE.

Within the scope of this contract of use, Eventim UK processes personal data of the user, whilst adhering to the applicable regulations on data protection. They will investigate, process, and use data in automatic procedures to the extent necessary for justifying, organising or changing the contract of use.

Eventim UK is entitled to transmit personal data at the end of the offer to the buyer, seller and service providers (e.g. shipping service providers) if these are required for the completion of a transaction; naturally, this transfer is limited to the personal data required for completion. The seller and buyer will simply receive the name and address of their trading partner in order to guarantee the smooth completion of the respective transaction.

The telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and bank or card information of the user will not be made accessible to any other users of fanSALE.

Otherwise, Eventim UK shall not pass user data to third parties unless the user has granted their express permission to do so. The user can withdraw their permission at any time without having to provide Eventim UK with a reason.

2. The user of fanSALE can view the transactions made through their user account as long as the respective transaction took place less than 90 days ago.

3. Users can request and change their data stored by Eventim UK for its own use at any time through their user account. If the user's data is to be finally deleted, an appropriate message to Eventim UK is all that is required. We would like to point out that under certain circumstances specific personal data may only be deleted after a specific period of time due to legal or contractual duties to retain records. In this case, a block will be placed on the data involved until it can be deleted.

4. Cookies are used to make accessing fanSALE offers as pleasant as possible for the user. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the user's hard disk. Cookies are used to create statistics on the use of fanSALE in order to continually improve the offers of fanSALE. Eventim UK does not use any technologies that link information obtained through cookies with user data in order to determine the identity of users. Essentially, fanSALE can also be used without cookies, but this may lead to the restricted functionality of fanSALE. Web browsers can be set up so that cookies can be accepted or rejected in general or with reference to individual cases.

5. There may be links to the sites of other suppliers from fanSALE offers. As Eventim UK has no influence on these websites, we recommend that the user read the information on data protection provided there, if necessary. Eventim UK accepts no responsibility for the content of linked sites.

As at: 16/01/2007

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