Purchaser FAQs

Making your first ticket purchase on fanSALE or have a question about buying tickets with us? Check out our FAQs below:

    Your fanSALE account

      How do I create a fanSALE account?
      If you have an existing Eventim UK account, you can login using the same email address and password. If not, it’s easy to set up – simply click ‘I don’t have an account’ and complete the registration form.

      If creating a new account, we’ll send you a confirmation email – just click the link to activate your account.

      Please make sure you’re familiar with the fanSALE terms and conditions of use when setting up your account.
      Does it cost anything to create a fanSALE account?

      Not at all – it’s totally free to set up and list your tickets! You’ll only be charged if you place an order through fanSALE. If you successfully sell your listed tickets, a small booking fee will be charged to the purchaser. 

      I created a new account but didn’t receive a confirmation email – what can I do?
      Occasionally our confirmation email might end up in your spam / junk folder, so make sure to check this if you haven’t seen anything from us! It may also be worth adding customerservice@fansale.co.uk to your safe sender list.

      If you still don’t see anything, please give us a shout here.
      I’m not based in the UK – can I register for a fanSALE account?
      Unfortunately not – you need to be resident in the UK in order to register.
      Can I register for an account if I’m under 18?
      To register for an account you’ll need to be 18 or over.
      How can I change the email address my fanSALE account is registered with?
      To change your email address, please give us a shout here.
      How can I change any other details on my fanSALE account?
      Simple – when logged in, hover over the ‘My fanSALE’ button at the top right of the screen and then click ‘My Data’ from the dropdown menu. Here you can update details such as delivery address and phone number – just remember to hit the save button! 
      How do I delete my fanSALE account?
      Please drop us a message here, making sure to let us know your email address and that you’d like to delete your account.

      Buying tickets

        Where do the tickets listed on fanSALE come from?

        All tickets listed on fanSALE come directly from other fans! fanSALE is a fan to fan, fair value, verified ticket marketplace.

        What does the blue handshake icon on a listing mean?
        This shows that the tickets listed are a Fair Deal – meaning they are sold at a fair value.
        What does the green tick icon showing on a listing mean?

        All listings on fanSALE will display a green tick icon. This means the tickets listed have been verified against the Eventim UK system (using the ticket barcodes) and are fully legitimate – so it’s guaranteed that these are not fake / fraudulent tickets!

        While all tickets sold on fanSALE are verified, we strongly recommend double checking your tickets when you receive them to make sure the barcodes match those shown in the listing. If you have any concerns or would like to raise a discrepancy, you can do so through your fanSALE account.

        Is it possible to buy fewer tickets than are shown in a single listing?
        This is up to the ticket seller – if they’ve allowed the option to split an offer, then you’ll be able to select and purchase individual tickets. If not, you’ll only be able to purchase all of the tickets shown in the listing. 
        Are all seated tickets in a single listing next to each other?
        This depends on the tickets that the seller has listed for sale. You’ll be able to view seat details (block / row / seat numbers) before selecting and purchasing tickets, so please make sure you’re happy with the seats before you purchase. 
        I’m receiving an error message when making a purchase – why?

        If you receive any error when purchasing tickets, please contact your bank for further assistance – there may be restrictions on the use of your card online, or you might not have the funds to make payment.

        A purchase can only be completed if we’re able to charge your card without any errors.

        Can I cancel a purchase made on fanSALE?

        All ticket purchases made via fanSALE are legally binding.

        If you’ve purchased tickets, an order can only be cancelled if the buyer agrees to this. If not, tickets are non-refundable and both parties will be required to complete the transaction.

        Payment & fees

          What payment methods can I use?
          We accept credit and debit cards from Visa or Mastercard. 
          How do I get a refund if an event is cancelled?
          As the original ticket purchaser, the seller will receive a refund for the tickets in the case that an event is cancelled. It is then their responsibility to transfer this across to the buyer.

          If in doubt, please contact the seller via fanSALE.
          How much does delivery cost?
          We use UPS to fulfill delivery of all orders placed via fanSALE. This is charged at a flat-rate fee (£8.95) and includes tracked door-to-door delivery, directly from the seller to the buyer – ensuring speedy and secure delivery.
          Are there booking fees for tickets sold on fanSALE?

          We charge a commission of 10% for tickets sold via fanSALE, in the form of a booking fee.

          Ticket delivery

            How will I know when the seller has sent the tickets to me?
            When we send an email to confirm your purchase, we also let the seller know that the tickets have sold. The seller will then dispatch the tickets to you. If not sent within 3 working days of purchase, we’ll drop the seller an automatic message requesting that they dispatch the tickets.

            When dispatched, we’ll send you an email to confirm.
            How long does it take for tickets to be sent via UPS?
            Your tickets should arrive within 5 working days of being dispatched by the seller.
            How can I track delivery of my order? 
            Once the seller has sent the tickets via UPS, you’ll receive an email to let you know they’re on the way to you. You can keep tabs of your order at any time – just click Purchases from the my fanSALE dropdown menu while logged in. 
            Can I have my tickets delivered to a PO Box?
            Unfortunately not – UPS need to be able to deliver your tickets in person to ensure you receive them without any issues. 
            What happens if my tickets haven’t been sent?
            If you haven’t received your tickets within 3 days of your purchase, please contact us here.
            I have received an email to confirm dispatch, but I haven’t received my tickets - what should I do?

            In the first instance, please check the delivery status of your tickets (see how to track delivery of your order).

            If any issues, please contact UPS directly and they should be able to assist. Make sure to have your tracking number to hand - you can find this by clicking on Purchases from the my fanSALE dropdown menu.

            If any further questions, please contact us here.

            Other questions

              What should I do if there is something wrong with the tickets I received?
              When your tickets arrive, please make sure that the barcodes match those in your order information.

              If something’s not right, you can report this via fanSALE – select Purchases from the my fanSALE dropdown menu, select the order and use the Report Discrepancy function.

              Please note: you must report any discrepancies within 48 hours of receiving the tickets.

              Reported discrepancies will then be flagged with the seller. Once resolved, please make sure to mark the discrepancy as settled. In the case of a dispute, please contact us here.
              What do I do if an event is postponed or cancelled?
              If a show is postponed, tickets usually remain valid for the rescheduled date and don’t need to be exchanged – if in doubt, please contact Eventim customer services here.

              If a show has been rescheduled and you can no longer attend, please contact us here.

              When a show is cancelled, the seller will receive a refund (as the original purchaser of the tickets). It is then their responsibility to transfer this across to the buyer. If in doubt, please contact the seller directly via fanSALE.
              How can I change my fanSALE newsletter subscription settings?
              Simply click My Data from the my fanSALE dropdown menu when logged in. You’ll then be able to update your newsletter preferences. 
              How can I contact fanSALE?
              Please contact us online by filling out our contact form here.
              How safe is my data with fanSALE?

              We encrypt both personal data and payment information during transmission from your computer to our server. When making a card payment, data is only sent to your bank in a highly encrypted form.

              Encryption is not shown by most browsers, as the active encrypted area is located in a so-called frame. By right-clicking the mouse on the encrypted pages and then selecting “Properties”, you can view the SSL certificate.

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