fanSALE is a secondary ticket marketplace. Prices may be up to 10% higher than the original price paid (including fees).


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) for purchasers. Click on one of the following headings.

    Questions about registration and about “My fanSALE”

      Why do I have to give an e-mail address during registration?
      You will receive a number of important messages from fanSALE by e-mail, so e-mail is the central form of communication on our platform. At the same time, your e-mail address is also your user name.
      How safe is my data when transmitted on the Internet?

      We encrypt both personal data and payment information during transmission from your computer to our server. In the case of card payment, data is only sent to the relevant bank in a highly encrypted form.

      However, the encryption is not shown by most browsers, as the active encrypted area is located in a so-called frame. By clicking with the right mouse button on the encrypted pages and then selecting “Properties”, the SSL certificate will be displayed. In doing so, the mouse cursor must not rest on an input field.

      How can I change my e-mail address?
      Your e-mail address is simultaneously your unique user name in our system and for this reason cannot be changed by you. Please contact our customer service team using our contact form.
      Why can't those under 18 register?
      In order to be able to sell or buy tickets on fanSALE, members must be legally competent. This is why those under 18 years of age cannot be members of fanSALE. We want to protect purchasers and sellers from legally unsafe transactions.
      I have an EVENTIM Account and I want to buy fanSALE tickets. Can I use my EVENTIM login?
      Yes, your EVENTIM login works at fanSALE and vice versa. You do not need to register again if you already are a EVENTIM customer. If you are logged in at EVENTIM and you open the fanSALE page, then you are logged in automatically.
      Why can I only register with an address in the UK?
      One of the advantages of fanSALE is the easy, traceable and good value shipping of tickets through UPS. Currently, delivery and collection under these conditions are only possible in the UK. This offer is being extended step by step to other countries.
      How can I delete my account?
      You cannot delete your account yourself through fanSALE. To do it, please send us an e-mail using our contact form. Please state your e-mail address. We will then delete your account. Please also be aware of our conditions of use.
      How can I change my data?
      You can change your personal data yourself at any time on fanSALE. Log into fanSALE by clicking on “My fanSALE” on the home page. In the area “My fanSALE”, click on “My data”. There you can overwrite all the information, apart from your e-mail address, and then save those changes.
      Does registration cost anything?
      You are not charged anything for registration or for listing offers. Fees are only charged if you have successfully purchased or sold an item.

      Questions on buying fixed price offers and bidding at auctions

        Are the seats adjacent?

        As tickets on fanSALE are not offered by us but by members, there is no set answer to this. The seller of tickets for numbered seats should provide accurate details in their offer description. If the seller has not provided any accurate details, you can get in touch with them using contact form before bidding or buying the tickets.

        Offers identified using the eventim.ticketcheck symbol have full seat details for each ticket if the seats are numbered.

        What does the number of tickets in an offer mean? Can I also buy fewer tickets than are shown?
        In the search results list or the detailed view of an offer, you can see the details provided by the seller on the number of tickets for sale. The auction price always applies to all tickets together. So if you bid £ 50.00 for 2 tickets, each ticket would cost £ 25.00. At fixed price offers you can buy less tickets than exist in the offer as long as the seller allows it. You can recognise such offers by a list of selectable tickets. If the seller offers only offers the tickets together you won´t be able to select single tickets. In this case you can only buy the entire offer.
        An offer is marked with the eventim.ticketcheck symbol. What does this mean? How does fanSALE guarantee the authenticity of the offered tickets?

        Offers checked using eventim.ticketcheck are identified using the ticketcheck symbol. The purchase of such tickets is safe as the details in the offer come directly from our ticketing system through the unique ticket number and because the validity of the tickets was checked when the offer was created. You can find more information here. Please also be aware of our conditions of use.

        After receiving eventim.ticketcheck tickets, please check immediately whether the ticket numbers match the details in the offer, as this is a condition of making any claim under our guarantee of authenticity. If there are any discrepancies, please report them within 48 hours through “My fanSALE”. Please also read the response to the question What should I do if something is wrong with the tickets I received?

        An offer is marked with the Fair Deal symbol. What does this mean?
        Offers checked using Fair Deal are identified by the Fair Deal symbol. The tickets are available at face value or less.
        I was the highest bidder in an auction right until the end, so why can't I find the auction under “My purchases”?
        The person who is the highest bidder at the end of an auction automatically becomes the purchaser of the tickets. Sometimes it can take a few minutes after the end of an auction for you to find your purchase under “My purchases” and to receive the confirmation e-mail.
        How do I bid in an auction?

        After you have found an auction in which you are interested through the search or on one of the heading pages, view the details of the auction by clicking on the auction title.
        You will then receive an overview of all the ticket information. In the case of offers identified using the eventim.ticketcheck symbol, the most important information comes directly from the Eventim ticketing system and the ticket numbers of the tickets were checked for validity, so fanSALE can guarantee the authenticity of the tickets.
        Regarding the guarantee of authenticity, please also be aware of Section VII of the conditions of use

        If you are interested in this auction, please proceed as follows:

        1. On the detail page “Your bid”, state the price that you are prepared to pay for all the tickets offered (maximum bid). If several tickets are offered in an auction, the price always applies to all the tickets together and not for a single ticket. You must bid at least the start price, or your bid must be at least 1.00 £ above the current bid.
        2. Click on “Submit bid”. If you have not yet done so, you will now be requested to log in and, if necessary, to provide your credit card details. Your card will now be checked only for validity. No reservation or authorisation of the bid amount takes place at this time through the credit card bank or the service provider. The credit card details will only be requested once. When making later purchases, please make sure that your credit card data is still valid.
        3. Before your bid is transmitted, we will show you the maximum expected total price, i.e. the purchase price including the service fee and flat-rate shipping charge if you keep increases to within your maximum bid. If you are the highest bidder, your bid will be within your fixed maximum amount and 1.00 £ above the bid of another bidder. Example: Your maximum bid is 100.00 £, and another bidder bid a maximum of 30.00 £. You will therfore be the highest bidder with a bid currently at 31.00 £.
        4. In the next step you will be shown whether at this time you are the highest bidder with your bid. If you have been outbid because another member submitted a maximum bid before you that was the same or higher than yours, you immediately have the opportunity to bid again to increase your bid.
        5. If you are the highest bidder, this auction will be saved under “My bids” in the area “My fanSALE”. There you can check at any time whether you are still the highest bidder and the current price of the auction. If you are outbid, you will also receive an e-mail from fanSALE. You can then re-bid and increase your bid.

        Important note: Only bid if you are really sure that you want to buy these tickets. It is not possible to delete a bid later on. By submitting a bid, you are committed to purchasing.

        I received an error message when I tried to buy a fixed price offer.
        In this case a problem occurred at the end of the transaction when buying an offer at a fixed price. It may have been impossible to charge your card. It is frequently due to particular restrictions on the use of the card on the Internet. These are set by the issuing bank. The purchase will only be made if your card can be charged successfully.
        Can I change my bid or cancel a purchase at a fixed price?

        Once a bid has been submitted it is binding. At the end of the auction, a purchase agreement is concluded directly between you and the seller. For this reason, it is not possible for us to delete a submitted bid.

        Changes to, or cancellation of entrance tickets will not be accepted.
        This is the reason why:
        At the moment when you click on the button “Buy tickets now” at the end of the ordering process for fixed price offers, the tickets selected by you are bindingly purchased. The same applies to the course of an auction in which you are the highest bidder. In this context, when or for what reason a cancellation/change is granted is irrelevant.

        Please also be aware of our conditions of use.

        Where do the tickets come from that are offered on fanSALE?
        Tickets are often sold long before an event. Over time, people realise that they cannot attend the event for one reason or another. They then offer their tickets for sale to other fans on fanSALE. This is the most frequent reason for private tickets sales on fanSALE. The fanSALE platform is an open marketplace for everyone. Tickets can be passed here from fan to fan. In addition to private individuals, commercial traders in the sale and purchase of tickets are also permitted on fanSALE. From the point of view of the purchasers, this provides the largest possible range of tickets.

        Questions on payment and fees

          What methods of payment can I use?
          You can use MasterCard or VISA debit or credit cards for the purchase of tickets on fanSALE. We ask you for your payment card data if you bid for tickets in an auction or if you want to buy a fixed price offer. The card data will be stored for later transactions. At the first time entry we ask you also for the security number which is an additional security feature that all cards come with. The security number is a three-place number at VISA and MasterCard which can be found on the back of the card either in the signature field or directly below it (the last four digits or like at some cards all digits of the credit card number are written in front). The check digit will be checked once by our payment system, it will not be stored.
          How do I get my money back if an event is cancelled?
          The original purchaser will be refunded the face value of the ticket. As the money is handed over to the seller, it is their responibility to reemburse you.
          What is the flat-rate delivery charge, and what is included in it?
          The flat-rate delivery charge covers the costs of sending tickets from the seller to the purchaser. All tickets sold on fanSALE are sent by UPS. The price includes collection from the sender and documented delivery to the recipient. The delivery status can be tracked directly on fanSALE. This guarantees that your tickets are delivered quickly and securely to you.
          How much is the service fee, and what is included in it?

          In fanSALE, we have created a secure and easy way to buy and sell entrance tickets. Here you can buy all types of entrance tickets, no matter whether these entrance tickets were originally purchased from Eventim UK, a CTS reservation office or another supplier. In collaboration with UPS, one of the leading logistical service providers, and Eventim, Europe’s leading ticket supplier, we can offer you a uniquely secure and reliable service. As a purchaser in particular, you benefit from our additional services and guarantees, which are covered by the flat rate commission fee, currently at 10%:

          • More choice – As the operator of fanSALE, Eventim UK uses its excellent contacts in the events industry and its own Internet platforms such as and several hundred partner sites to address the largest possible number of potential sellers and thus ensure a wide range of entrance tickets
          • Less bother - unreliable sellers are rigorously excluded from trading.
          • More security - Your money is not paid out by us to the seller until UPS has provided information that the tickets have been delivered and you have compared the ordered tickets with those received and have not reported any discrepancies within 48 hours.
          • More service – Our customer service team is there for you should you have any questions or problems.
          • Faster delivery - Through our unique partnership with UPS, you receive your tickets delivered to your home or workplace within the shortest possible time. You can track your shipping status at any time. We have the tickets collected from the seller and delivered directly to the purchaser.

          Questions on delivery

            How do I find out the delivery status of my order?
            Once the seller has handed over the tickets to UPS, you will receive an e-mail on the same day regarding the current delivery status of the shipment from fanSALE. Using the information contained in it, or directly in “My fanSALE”, you can call up the status of the delivery at any time. Your tickets are generally delivered on the first working day after you receive notification of the delivery status.
            Why isn't it possible to deliver to PO boxes?
            Delivery is regulated on fanSALE. All deliveries are sent using UPS. This guarantees secure and fast dispatch, combined with maximum ease and security for purchasers and sellers. Express letters cannot be delivered to PO boxes but can only be delivered to private or company addresses, where they are handed over in person or placed in letter boxes.
            Why haven't I yet received an e-mail confirming delivery?
            In the same second that your ticket purchase is confirmed to you, we also inform the seller of the successful sale of his/her entrance tickets. The seller can then immediately initiate the delivery of his/her tickets.
            The seller is obliged to send the tickets within three working days of purchase but so that you receive the tickets at least one working day before the event. In calculating working days, public holidays must be taken into account by both the sender and the recipient of the consignment, as neither collections not deliveries can be made on these days. The reason for the confirmation e-mail failing to appear can also be as follows: The seller has not yet passed the tickets to UPS.
            At the end of three working days, fanSALE automatically sends a reminder e-mail to the seller. After another two working days, if you still haven't received a confirmation or there are less than three working days to the event, please contact our customer service team using our contact form.
            I have received the e-mail confirming dispatch, but the tickets didn't arrive the next working day. What should I do?
            The tickets were passed promptly to UPS, but the regular delivery period (one working day) has been exceeded:
            You have received an e-mail on the delivery status but have not had a consignment delivered by UPS. Please log onto fanSALE and go to “My purchases” in the area “My fanSALE”. Call up the consignment status of the order in question and/or update it. You will often receive information on the whereabouts of the consignment. If the consignment cannot be delivered due to an error in the address, or no-one was in, you can contact UPS yourself by telephone, stating the displayed consignment number. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team using our contact form.

            Other questions about fanSALE

              What should I do if there is something wrong with the tickets I received?
              After receiving eventim.ticketcheck tickets, please check immediately whether the ticket numbers match the details in the offer, as this is a condition of making any claim under our guarantee of authenticity. You should also check for any other discrepancies between the offer description and the tickets received. Please log into “My fanSALE” within 48 hours of receipt of the tickets and use the function “Report discrepancy” (the time starts on delivery by UPS).
              To do this, call up the point “My purchases” in the area “My fanSALE”, and then the order involved. Please describe as accurately and as factually as possible what, in your opinion, is wrong. Try to reach an agreement with the seller in this way. When the problem is rectified, please mark the discrepancy as settled. Please also be aware of our conditions of use.
              What do I do if an event is postponed to another date or is cancelled?
              Generally, tickets retain their validity for the new date and do not have to be exchanged. If you cannot attend the new date, it is generally possible to hand the tickets back to the promoter or ticket outlet which originally printed and sold the tickets. This must be done my the orginal purchaser. The same applies for cancelled events.
              How can I subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the fanSALE newsletter?
              The fanSALE newsletter provides you at regular intervals with information about interesting new functions and particularly attractive offers on fanSALE.
              You can change your settings directly in your personal area “My fanSALE” to receive the newsletter: Log into fanSALE by clicking on “My fanSALE” on the home page. In the area “My fanSALE”, click on “My data”. There you will be able to receive or cancel the fanSALE newsletter by activating or deactivating the option “Yes, I would like to receive the fanSALE newsletter in future”.
              How can I claim under guarantee in association with the eventim.ticketcheck?

              Our guarantee of authenticity applies to all offers checked using eventim.ticketcheck. If it was not possible to attend the event with the tickets you received because admission was refused due to the inauthenticity of the tickets, as a purchaser you are entitled to make a claim under our guarantee of authenticity.

              For this, we require a written confirmation by the promoter or their authorised representative that admission was refused. The ticket numbers involved must be included in the confirmation and the confirmation must be written on the headed paper of the promoter or carry the company stamp. You can also agree with the promoter or thier authorised representative that they will issue and send confirmation afterwards.

              Send the confirmation and the tickets involved to:

              fanSALE - Customer Service
              PO Box 65833
              EC4A 2DQ

              On submission of the tickets and the relevant document from the promoter, Eventim shall reimburse the purchaser with the purchase price paid for the ticket(s), including shipping costs and fees, but for no more than two events per calendar year and to a total sum of £ 250.00 per member and calendar year.

              No other costs will be refunded in association with the failed visit to the event, such as replacement tickets, travel or hotel costs. Regarding the guarantee of authenticity, please also be aware of Section VII of the conditions of use

              How can I contact fanSALE?

              You can get our internet customer service directly at our contact area. Please click here, to approach us. Our postal address is:

              Eventim Customer Services
              Eventim Customer Services
              PO Box 65833
              EC4A 2DQ

              You can call us at 0333 344 6250 Calls will cost 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge monday to friday from 9 till 18 o´clock.