Real Tickets. Real Prices. Real People.

fanSALE is a fan-to-fan, fair value ticket resale platform, brought to you by Eventim UK. Our mission is to ensure that real tickets get into the hands of real fans. No over-inflated ticket prices and no scams.

So why use fanSALE to resell your Eventim tickets?

It's secure

  • All tickets listed on fanSALE are verified using Eventim UK’s ticketing system, using the unique barcode on every ticket. So no nasty surprises or ticket scams!
  • The shipping process is completely transparent – tickets are picked up directly from the seller and can be tracked right up until they reach the buyer.
  • Money only changes hands once the buyer has received their tickets.

It's easy

  • Verifying and listing your tickets is simple.
  • Dedicated fanSALE support from us, for when you have any questions.
  • Payments are handled automatically by us – no need for the buyer or seller to chase each other.
  • The shipping process runs from door-to-door and is fully integrated with fanSALE.

It's fast

  • List your tickets within a matter of minutes.
  • Tickets are shipped from the seller to the buyer within five days.

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